‘Cricket diplomacy’ can’t resolve Indo-Pak disputes:Musharraf


ISLAMABAD – Former president Pervez Musharraf has warned against any undue optimism over Pakistan-India cricket diplomacy, but nonetheless praised Gilani-Manmohan meeting over the Mohali match.
Talking to an Indian TV channel, he said cricket diplomacy did not mean that all issues could or would automatically be resolved. “However, things can take turn for better,” he said. He declared Manmohan Singh’s invitation a step in the right direction.
The former president declared that considering the benefits of cricket diplomacy, this was a “good moment” to improve relations between two adversaries, as initially, two cricket teams having no interaction can be brought in a closer interaction, while the general aura of things also takes a better and conducive turn.
Musharraf said he also had an excellent coordination with Manmohan Singh that helped ease tensions and bring the two adversaries together.