Pakistan are ahead in bowling and fielding


I think I have read sometime ago that Yuvraj has been considered as a ‘water boy’. But the fact is that ‘water boy’ has started drinking water from the fountain. He is batting very well at the moment. He should consider on the one-dayers so that it helps him get back into the Test mould.
There is no doubt about Sachin being considered batting God. If he bats, India will get a good start and India will then post a very good total. But again, their bowling is not as strong as it should have been by the standards of the contest. India will have to bat Pakistan out for them to win the contest.
I hope it’s not a one-sided game. It should be a both sided competition and we should see some exciting contest. India might have edge in batting but in terms of fielding and bowling Pakistan are ahead. But one who plays well on that day will win the game. I am sure it will be a great spectacle.