Pakistan-India cricket match – on big screen and going live


LAHORE – Lahoris are all set to witness the battle between the traditional rivals in cricket, Pakistan and India, as various communities have arranged for the big screens for match viewing.
The trend of watching the match on the big screens have been attracting people from all walks of life and classes, as the match screening is being organised in the posh areas of city and relatively lesser posh areas alike. Citizens are excited, to say the least to view tomorrow’s match, and catering to people’s wishes probably WAPDA has announced for no power outages for tomorrow.
MAKING BUSINESS: Many have organised tomorrow’s match screenings, sensing the viewers’ increased demand, which has also resulted in increasing the projector prices by five times. Cinemas including Cinestar Township, DHA Cinema and Sozo World are showing these matches while the match will also be shown live outside City 42’s office at Jail Road, Expo Center and at Hali Road Gulberg, while various cafes and restaurants are also tempting their customers by screening the Pakistan-India match live.
Match screening organisers at the Expo Center and Hali Road are also offering meals. According to the Hali Road organisers, food stalls would add colour to the event. The universities have also jumped into the cricket fever. LUMS and the Punjab University are showing the matches on big screens. The ticket demand at these places is unprecedented, while face paints and Pakistan cricket team kits are also being sold like hot cakes and that too on inflated prices.
MAKING MERRY: Private parties have also been arranged to enjoy the crunch match together.
Those who have big television sets or multimedia projectors have invited their relatives and friends to watch the match. Special meals have also been arranged in this regard. Students are really excited about tomorrow’s match and lauded the match screening organisers. A PU student said that it will be a great experience to watch the match with friends and chant slogans in favour of the team – something that cannot be experienced at home. Students of class nine said that they cannot prepare for the exams because of the pressure match. Parents though complained that they would not be able to enjoy the match as they would be away from their children.
ANYTHING FOR THE MATCH: A slow pace of work is expected in the city as many people have demanded a short leave from their office for tomorrow while many say that they wont go to their work at all, because the match their say was more important. They say that if Indians could sell their kidney to watch the match then why they should lag behind. They have also started preparations for the team’s win and are expecting aerial firing and fireworks across the city after the success as well.
Special prayers are also being offered for Pakistan and the fans have even created the events of facebook for prayers on Wednesday morning.