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Businessmen asked to adopt ‘Look China approach’

ISLAMABAD – Gilgit-Urumqi Business Forum President Nazir Ahmad on Sunday urged the Pakistani business community to adopt the “Look China Policy” with a futuristic approach rather than focusing on Dubai, Bangladesh and other neighboring states for business opportunities because China was the future giant.
Talking to Pakistan Today, Nazir, who is visiting Pakistan these days, said the Pakistani business community should explore new business endeavours in China which was a hub of major business activities and the traders from across the globe had focused Chinese markets with a futuristic view.
“Chinese love and care about Pakistanis. We feel as secure in China as we do in Pakistan. Moreover, China is a paradise on earth due to its delicious fruits, marvelous and healthy food and loving people,” he added. He said the Pakistani businessmen could find a gracious host in China and especially Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang province, could be the centre of their import and export business.
He said Pakistani businessmen may know about importing Chinese fruits, electronics, garments, cloth, pampers, mobile phone and computer accessories from China as the biggest option for them vis-a-vis trade. “But they should also know that there was a golden opportunity for Pakistani businessmen could also export Pakistani commodities to China including Halal food items for Muslims of Xinjiang Province, especially fruit including cherries, mangoes and oranges,” he added.
He said Pakistan could earn billions of dollars if its trading community reaches out to the markets of central Asia. China can prove to be a gateway for reaching the markets of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan which are ripe for business activity especially in rice, textile and fruits industry,” said Nazir Ahmed.
He urged the government to work for signing Pak-China Transit Trade Agreement (PCTTA) with Chinese government which would help Pakistan earn billions of rupees through bilateral trade with the central Asia states including Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and others.
Lauding the support from the people of China and the Chinese government, Nazir Ahmed said China was the most beautiful and peaceful country he ever seen and the Pakistani businessmen felt more secure and happy there than anywhere else the world. He said there was a dire need for establishment of a Pakistani Consulate in Urumqi which could facilitate the Pakistani business community, students and visitors who face a lot of difficulties due to lack of access to the Chinese government offices due to language problem.
He proposed that the government should also review the Pakistan-China agreement for bilateral trade, signed in 1987, under which the Pak, China border at Khunjrab Pass was closed for almost five months – from December 30 to May – which badly hampers the bilateral trade. “There is a need for reviewing this agreement so as the bilateral trade should continue unabated throughout the year which would benefit both the friendly states,” he concluded.

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