British MP urges US to halt drone attacks


LONDON – British Member of Parliament Lord Qurban Husain while condemning the drone attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan has called upon the United States to immediately halt the killing of innocent people.
Pakistan is a frontline state against terrorism but US government instead of appreciating its role is killing Pakistani people, he added. Lord Qurban was addressing a function of British Pakistani’s in Nottingham yesterday. Ehsan Ghazni, Barrister Amjad Hussain, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz UK leaders Shafiq Katana, Dr Raja Junaid and Javid Iqbal Gogi were also present on this occasion.
Lord Husain termed the release of Raymond Davis as ‘shameful’ and said that he should have been tried in the court for the killings of three Pakistanis. Pleading the case of Pakistan, Lord Qurban said that Pakistan is not a nation of beggars and the people want trade and not aid from West.
If the markets of Europe and America were open to Pakistani exports, Pakistani people would have far more faith in their government, support for democratic values, and most of all, a stake in the success of their country, he argued.