Indian Rs. 5,000 crore at stake for Indo-Pak match


MOHALI – An India-Pakistan match is almost always a big money-spinner, and a World Cup semi-final clash is as big as it gets. Bookies and punters across the country are gearing up to run a show that is estimated to rake about Indian Rs. 5,000 crore on the betting circle as India takes on Pakistan in the semi-final at Mohali on March 30. Minutes after India’s win over Australia in the quarter-final clash at Ahmedabad, bookies unable to predict a clear winner have rated both India and Pakistan at 90 paise to win the semi-final clash.
“Both are strong teams. But the rates could reopen on Friday,” an Indian claimed an Indian paper . Joint Commissioner of Police (crime) Himanshu Roy said his men are on alert looking out for bookies and punters. “We are trying to track them.