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Rallies held to condemn Holy Quran’s desecration in Faisalabad

FAISALABAD – “If the Arab world suspends the supply of petroleum to America and the West to protest the the desecration of the holy Quran, no body from the West will dare to repeat such a condemnable act in future,” said Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Deputy Secretary General Dr Fareed Ahmed Paracha. He was addressing a rally outside Chiniot Bazaar held to condemn the desecration of the holy Quran by American pastor Terry Jones in Florida. Fareed Paracha said that instead of learning a lesson from history, Terry Jones has tried to gain a cheap publicity through this sinful act.
“Contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ, they have surrendered themselves to the will of ignorant pastors like Terry Jones who are fanning the flames of war and preaching bloodshed on the earth,” he said. The protest rally was led by Faisalabad JI Ameer Engr Azeem Ahmed Randhawa, General Secretary Ghulam Abbas Khan, Sheikh Muhammad Mushtaq, Malik Muhammad Din and other local party office bearers. “If the world wishes to avert war and bloodshed, it should come back to the loving lap of Islam, the religion of peace,” the speakers said. They demanded the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) call an emergency meeting of its member-countries and ask the United Nations to take action.
A large number of protest demos were held in various parts of the city, including Ghanta Ghar, District Council Chowk, Chiniot, Bazaar, Kotwali Road, Jhang Bazaar, Satyana Road and Jhang Road and many other venues. The participants of the demos condemned the desecration of the holy Quran by devilish US pastor Terry Jones. Holding copies of the Quran in their hands, the protesters vowed to lay down their lives to protect the sanctity of the divine book.
Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP) Faisalabad President Mufti Abdul Shakoor Rizvi said that this was an open challenge to the Muslim Ummah, especially the allies of America. “If the American government takes action against the pastor, Muslim countries should sever all diplomatic relations with it. JUP leader Maulana Abdur Rasheed Jami said no religion of the world allows its followers to malign other religions. “Through his sadistic act, he has whipped our conscience,” said Maulana Jami.
Meanwhile, Divisional Commission for Inter-Faith Harmony held a meeting to condemn the incident. Christian member of the commission, Father Aftab James Paul, condemned Pastor Terry Jones’ act and recommended that he must be declared as an outcast by all the Christians who have a lot of respect for the Holy Quran. Commission member Pir Muhammad Ibrahim Sialavi also recorded his protest on the occasion.
A number of Christian minority organizations have deplored Terry’s act of hatred and contempt and have endorsed their full support to the protests. Minority Alliance of Pakistan Chairman and Harmony Foundation Director Atif Jameel, in his statement, condemned the act of Terry as highly provocative. “On behalf of all Christian minorities living in peaceful co-existence in Pakistan, I condemn the sinful action,” he said. “He has invited the anger of God and such blasphemous acts are perpetrated by the followers of Satan,” he argued. He announced that Pakistani Christians will continue to protest this sorrowful act.
Tehrik-e-Itttehad-e-Millat-e-Islamia central Amir Riaz Kharal said this was an open attack on the fundamentals of Islam. “Terry Jones is a devil in the garb of a pastor. If the Muslims do not break their criminal silence, more serious episodes of blasphemy will happen in future,” he apprehended. “Muslims feel humiliated throughout the world as the desecration of the Holy Quran by the US pastor has given the message to Muslims to come out from their deep slumber and actively play their role for safeguarding the Islamic values themselves, instead of relying on their enslaved rulers”, said a protestor.
“The act of the evil pastor had hurt the feelings of the Muslims,” he said. “He should be awarded death sentence for blasphemy and hurting sentiments of the Muslims,” he pleaded. “We condemn the deplorable silence of the American society,” said an angry protester. Pointing at the intolerance of the western society and their biased attitude towards Islam, he said when books are burnt in a society; humans are also burnt at the end.
secret gambling dens to be raided during cricket matches: Regional Police Officer (RPO) Aftab Ahmed Cheema has directed Faisalabad police to form special task teams to raid the undercover casinos operating during the cricket matches. The move was taken after the reports that stakes are likely to be much higher in the coming semi-final between India and Pakistan as the gamblers say that World Cup has entered the business stage.
During the quarter finals between Pakistan and West Indies and India and Australia, millions of rupees were won and lost through match betting. There was not even a single report of any police raid in any part of the city to catch the offenders that proved the fact that police’s silence was deliberate.
MAN STABS WIFE TO DEATH: An estranged wife, who returned to her parents’ house, was stabbed to death by her husband. Reportedly, 20-year-old Aasia, a resident of Chak No 235-RB, was married to Saif-ur-Rehman sometimes back but left her husband’s house owing to a domestic dispute.
Saif-ur-Rehman came to his in-laws’ house to take his wife with him but Aasia refused to go back with him that infuriated the accused and he attacked his wife with a knife and injured her. The seriously wounded woman was shifted to the Allied Hospital where she died due to excessive blooding.

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