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Jordan protesters vow to press on despite attack

AMMAN – Jordanian students on Friday vowed to press on with their pro-reform sit-in protest, undeterred by stone attacks blamed on government supporters, as thousands expressed allegiance to King Abdullah II.
“They are trying to push us to leave,” Saddam Basrawi, a 21-year-old university student, told AFP.”Last night, they attacked us with stones, but we will endure and we will not budge no matter what happens.”Around 500 youths from different movements, including the powerful Islamist opposition, had camped out in the rain and cold weather to call for reforms to the current regime and more efforts to fight corruption.
They staged their demonstration next to the Interior Circle, or Gamal Abdel Nasser Square, in the capital, as thousands gathered in a park west of Amman to express loyalty and allegiance to the king.In Al-Hussein Gardens, Jordanians danced to national songs, waving large national flags and pictures of the king. However, pro-reform demonstrators complained that “our gathering is peaceful, but this did not prevent the attacks”.
“Does the king (Abdullah II) agree with such actions? We are Jordanians and we have the right to express ourselves,” said Reda Darwish, 20. “If they think that the attack will force us to go home, they are wrong. Attacks will only make us stronger and determined to stay here.” At nightfall on Thursday, police attempted to disperse the youths, cutting off electricity to the square around 11:00 pm (2100 GMT), an AFP journalist witnessed.
Protesters said around 50 “loyalists” attacked them with rocks after the power supply was lost, injuring at least 30 people, three of them were hospitalised, while others received medical care at a first aid tent the demonstrators have set up. They said police who surrounded the scene did not intervene.
“We hold the interior minister responsible for this incident and we call on the king and the people to protect us from these thugs who are attacking us,” said Nihad Zuhair, another protester.

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