Strauss ‘very disasspointed’ by Boycott’s Yardy comments


COLOMBO – England skipper Andrew Strauss on Friday hit out at former Test star Geoffrey Boycott for his stinging criticism over Michael Yardy’s exit from the World Cup because of depression.
Strauss said his side were “very disappointed” by Boycott’s comments and that the squad sympathised with their teammate’s situation.
“I don’t think your cricketing ability or what you have achieved has anything to do with it whatsoever,” Strauss said.
“There are significant pressures, and as you get older a lot of us have kids and what not, which makes touring harder.
“As I said, it’s important to draw attention to the fact that it’s different from having a hard time being away from home and actually suffering from depression. Two very different things.”
Strauss said Boycott had shown little understanding in what was a complex situation.
“I think they (Boycott’s comments) showed a fundamental misunderstanding of the issue. So in that sense to link it in any way to how he has performed in the World Cup is a long way wide of the mark.
“In that sense we were very disappointed with those comments. I think it’s just a lack of information, a lack of being informed as to the situation.”
Boycott has been widely criticised for his comments.
“I’m surprised, very surprised,” Boycott told the BBC, having previously been highly critical of Yardy’s performances in the tournament.
“But he must have been reading my comments about his bowling, it must have upset him.
“Obviously it was too much for him at this level. If any blame is attached it’s partly to the selectors because I’m sorry, he’s not good enough at this level.”
Later Boycott tried to play down his remarks when he said: “Until you’ve had depression, I don’t think you’re qualified to talk about it.”