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APCNGA decides to disobey two-day gas closure

LAHORE – All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) has said that their decision of not complying with the two-day closure would stay.
APCNGA Supreme Council Chairman Ghayas Abdullah Paracha while talking to Pakistan Today on Friday said that there have been an exchange of charged words between Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) officials and CNG station employees in Potohar region and now things were getting worst. He said the decision of not following the two-day closure would stay.
He said the association will discuss the matter in Saturday’s meeting and if SNGPL does not changes its two-day closure plan for CNG stations then APCNGA will take ‘direct action’. Paracha said that SNGPL’s excuse for gas shortages was ‘baseless’ because consumers have switched off geysers and heaters. He said more than three million vehicles in the country use CNG as fuel while thousands of people are associated with the business. “If the closure continues, then it will be discrimination against the CNG sector,” he said, adding the government should take the matter seriously and provide gas to all CNG stations without any stoppage.

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