Pakistan hails Afghan govt for taking charge of security


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan on Wednesday welcomed the transfer of security and development responsibilities from NATO/ISAF to Afghanistan government and facilitated the Karzai administration with assurance of full cooperation in future. “We have noted the important statement made by President Karzai on Tuesday in Kabul regarding the transfer of security and development responsibilities to the Afghan government,” said the foreign office spokesperson, Tehmina Janjua, in a statement.
She said, “As a sincere well-wisher of the Afghan people, we are confident that the proud Afghan nation with great history and traditions is itself eminently qualified to forge a glorious future that accords with its national aspirations.”


  1. looks like no one is listening to paki threats any more, so the lady in FO is hubling saying congratulations. The best way to ensure peace in that area would be to build a wall around pak and make sure all pakis stay inside. India can gladly pay to build that wall.

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