Who was the mystery man behind Raymond release?


LAHORE – No body knew his name, designation and the job he was on, but he was the all-in-all at Kot Lakhpat Jail on March 16 when Additional District and Sessions Judge Muhammad Yousaf Aoujla heard the double murder case against Raymond Davis. His only identification was his blue trousers and blue shirt, and he had only one answer to all the questions about his identification: “I am your servant”.
He was so influential that he was the only person allowed to use cell phone during the proceedings, wherein even US Consulate General Carmella Conroy was not allowed to use hers. Pakistan Today learnt through reliable sources that during the trial on March 16, all things were in the control of the man wearing blue trousers and shirt. Everybody in the court was looking up to him, especially the legal heirs of the deceased Faizan and Fahee, who seemed petrified due to his presence. Sources said that at one stage during the trial when the court was collecting affidavits from the legal heirs of the deceased, someone tried to register his protest.
The moment he uttered a few words, the blue-dressed man came back in the room. He just glanced at the protesting man, who then did not raise his head during the proceedings again. The sources said that during the trial, investigation officer of the case did not identify the legal heirs of the deceased. “When the court asked for their identification, the investigation officer refused to do so.
At this stage newly engaged counsel for the deceased families, Raja Irshad, stepped forward and said: I am here to identify me lord,” the sources said.
Pakistan Today further learnt that release of Raymond Davis after paying the blood money came about as a result of a plan prepared at a high level. Even the US consulate’s lower staff and lawyers for Davis were not aware of it. In a meeting of US consulate staff and lawyers for Raymond Allen Davis on March 15, it had been decided to file three separate applications to get adjournment in the case unheard on March 16.
The next day, the Davis’ lawyers were surprised when some new faces appeared in the court and managed the situation for the release of the accused on the basis of payment of blood money. A source said along with Asad Manzoor Butt, lawyer for the deceased men, lawyers for Davis were also kept in detention during the last stage of the hearing and were released after Davis’ departure from jail.