Car-theft, robberies on the rise in Capital


ISLAMABAD – Robberies and car-theft are on the rise in the federal capital, increasing from three and seven cases of robberies and car-theft last week to 9 and 10 this week. Police has registered cases against carjackers and robbers who have snatched cars and other items from the citizens, causing losses worth millions, while the police have not been able to trace a single culprit, sources said.
In the last week Secretariat and Shalimar Police registered 2 cases of car-theft and none and 1 case of robbery. Margalla Police registered 3 cases of robberies and a case of car-theft in the last week while in the week before the last it registered 3 cases of car-theft and a case of robbery.
In the last week Ternol Police registered one case each of murder and robbery and the previous week it registered no significant case. Golra and Koral Police Stations registered two cases of car-theft in the last week and 1 in the week before that. Kohsar Police Station registered one case each of robbery and car-theft and in the week before the last it registered one case of car-theft.
Police sources said that the Station House Officers (SHO) of police station including Bara Kahu, Sihala, Ternol and Sbazi Mandi had not register a number of cases of robbery, theft and burglary in order to show good performance to high officials.
Another reason of rising car-theft police deployed at the city exit and entrance points have no proper equipments or record to check any suspected vehicle on the spot, they said.