Earth witnesses another super perigee moon


LAHORE – Earth witnessed another super perigee moon on Saturday, as forecasted by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s report in The Birmingham News on Friday. The report said “perigee” was the point where the moon made its closest pass to Earth during its oval-shaped orbit. The moon seemed up to 30 percent brighter and 14 percent bigger than normal when this happened during a full moon, according to the report. “The last full moon so big and close to Earth occurred in March of 1993,” Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory in Washington said in the NASA release published by The Birmingham News.
The full moon of March 19 occurred nearly an hour away from perigee – a coincidence that happens once in every 18 years, the report stated. The report said the perigee full moon affected the water tides but the difference could be measured only in inches. The perigee brought the moon 31,000 miles closer to Earth than its farthest point from the earth, apogee, however it was still 221,000 miles away on Saturday night, according to the report.