Tribesmen declare war on America


PESHAWAR – Denouncing US drone attacks on innocent people, tribal elders from the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan Agency have declared “war on the US”, saying several “American generations will remember our revenge”. Addressing a press conference in Peshawar on Friday, Malik Jalal Khan said, “All victims of the US drones were innocent tribesmen.”
Flanked by other elders from Utman Wazir tribe, dominating Datta Khel region, Jalal said, “We are the people who have continued blood feuds for 100 years.” He said Thursday’s drone attack killed 44 people and injured around 50, all those who had no links with Al Qaeda, Taliban or any other militant group. “All of them were local tribesmen, including elders, personnel of the Khasadar forces and even children,” he said.
He denied the presence of foreigners in Waziristan, saying all “of them are engaged in a war on the US across the border in Afghanistan”. Such a barbaric act on the part of the US portrayed its inhuman, immoral and unethical attitude towards innocent tribesmen, he said, adding that was why “we allow our loved ones to go for suicide attacks against the US”.
“We are not like the people from Lahore who get dollars in return of their martyrs’ blood. We are determined to avenge the deaths and will not forgive the enemies,” Jalal said.


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