Targeted violence: Wounded man dies of excessive bleeding


KARACHI – A four-day-old decomposed body was recovered from a garage on Wednesday after the locals reported a pungent smell emanating from a shop on the Abul Hassan Ispahani Road. Area residents called the police helpline (15) and reported a pungent smell emanating from a garage where a man and his son were gunned down by two unidentified culprits on Saturday.
When the law enforcers arrived on the scene, they recovered the body of a man who had died of excessive bleeding after suffering a bullet wound in his chest. The unidentified 35-year-old man died of excessive bleeding at the garage, which is located on a small plot (No C-146) near a local bank on the Abul Hassan Ispahani Road, due to negligence of people present on the crime scene on Saturday.
Two unidentified suspects opened fire on a man and his son outside the garage on Saturday, and the people present there hurriedly closed down the shop without looking inside. The 35-year-old man inside had also suffered a bullet wound that night, but due to negligence of the people in the area, rescue workers and law enforcers could not shift him to the hospital as they were unaware of him.
When the police entered the garage on Wednesday after receiving complaints of the area residents, the unfortunate man was found dead. Police immediately took the body to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (ASH) where the medico-legal officer (MLO) confirmed that the man had due to excessive bleeding.
Sachal Goth police station’s Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Javed Malik told Pakistan Today that a police party was dispatched to inspect the garage where, according to the locals, the garage owner and his son were killed by unidentified culprits on Saturday.
The ASI said that the garage owner and his son were killed on Saturday night by two men on a motorcycle. He said that the shopkeepers in the market immediately closed down their shops and the garage where the two men were killed. The shopkeepers, rescue workers and law enforcers did not notice the unlucky injured man while they shifted the bodies of the garage owner and his son to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, he added.
The policeman said that the wounded man lay helpless inside the garage as one of the bullets meant for the garage owner and his son hit him at the right side of his chest. “As the nearby shopkeepers closed down their shops and the garage, the ill-fated man remained undetected by them,” he added. After four days, the police recovered the body and sent it to ASH where the MLO confirmed the victim had died due to excessive bleeding.
According to the MLO’s report, the unidentified victim had died within three hours of suffering the bullet wound. The body was partially decomposed and transferred to the Edhi morgue for want of identification; however, he was buried due to unpleasant smell emanating from his corpse. Police had registered First Information Report No 172/11 under Sections 302 and 34 on behalf of the state against unidentified culprits on Saturday, and the entry of the unidentified body was lodged in the same case.