SNGPL IGNORANT OF GAS THEFT – Illegal gas supply to 40 houses in Zia Colony


LAHORE – As many as 40 houses in the Zia Colony, Township are involved in gas theft and Sui Northern Gas Pipelines (SNGPL) management has turned a blind eye to the situation, Pakistan Today learnt on Thursday. The colony’s survey by Pakistan Today reveals that an illegal meter is installed in the colony and the rest of the houses are getting gas from it. Sources said that SNGPL officials are accommodating those gas connections and, despite repeated complaints, are not disconnecting gas supply. SNGPL recently started a drive against gas theft but this colony has somehow remained unchecked due to ‘unknown’ reasons.
Zia Colony, situated near Cine Star Cinema, was once government land and was allocated for Township Civic Centre but some 10 to 12 years ago, some land grabbers occupied it and sold it to people. Lahore Development Authority (LDA) failed to vacate the land and finally an illegal colony was established. Though the gas connection was not sanctioned for the colony, residents are getting gas from a plastic pipe. “A bogus metre has been installed in one of the houses with the help of SNGPL officials and through this gas connection, gas is distributed to other houses,” said a source. A colony resident said that they used to pay Rs 100-150 for the gas supply.
“There is no limit for using gas and we pay Rs 100 in summer and Rs 150 in winter,” he said. When Pakistan Today contacted SNGPL Lahore General Manager Abdul Haseeb and inquired about the situation, he said, “Thanks for informing me about the theft and I assure you that action will be taken.”


  1. always gas stealing is taken place under the nose of SNGPL staff and with their connivance . no one can even think about such illegal practice without involvement of staff concerned. if the authority is sincere to stop the stealing gas then he should punish the staff members are involved in gas theft practice.

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