ISO rallies against Bahrain killings, Davis’ release


LAHORE – The Imamia Students Organization (ISO) held a rally against the killings in Bahrain and the release of Raymond Davis from the Lahore Press Club to the Punjab Assembly on Friday. Abdul Khaliq, an ISO office bearer, led the rally, in which the protestors chanted slogans against the Saudi Arabia’s role in Davis’ release.
Protestors said that the killings in Bahrain will not be tolerated at any cost and should be stopped immediately.
They asked the Muslims to support their brothers in Bahrain. Protestors chanted slogans and burnt tyres on The Mall. They said that Jews and Christians could never be their friends. They claimed that Davis was not only a spy and a target killer, he also had a role in drone attacks. They inquired that if Davis had relations with ‘terrorist outfits’ such as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan then why was he freed. They claimed that people were waiting for the court to announce Davis’ capital punishment.