Volatile politics


Every time the minister speaks in Sindh Assembly, he only gives credence to allegations and rumours that the man has contacts with the underworld mafia. His latest victim of verbal onslaught is a prominent media owner, against whom he has used a most foul language unbecoming of a parliamentarian. Those elected to parliament do not have a right to launch a vilification campaign against citizens of Pakistan on the floor of the house, who cannot defend themselves. It would be proper if the parliament is used to discuss the problems faced by people who have voted for them, instead of abusing their privilege.

It is time that the members of national and provincial assemblies from all the political parties devote their energies to legislation and providing solutions to the problems. There is a need for making an independent chairman of NAB, who should be appointed by consensus and be capable of punishing those who have plundered this unfortunate country and transferred billions of dollars through illegal channels to foreign countries. It is time the elected government provides good governance.