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Round 2 begins: KESC workers protest probable sackings

KARACHI – Despite the recent reinstatement of over 4,000 employees, the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has outsourced various departments to private companies and turning the restored workers practically redundant. Fearing that grounds are being prepared to lay them off, more than 1,000 KESC workers returned to the Karachi Press Club (KPC) to protest against the company’s management, with many arguing that another round management-workers face-off is likely in the coming days.
KESC officials, meanwhile, have denied that the company is letting off any of its employees.
Sources told Pakistan Today that despite having thousands of employees on its payroll, the KESC has outsourced their jobs and responsibilities, while a huge number of workers have been sent to the surplus pool. “Those who spent four days and nights on the road to protest against their termination are not being given any work, and the company’s management is forcing them to resign,” sources alleged.
Protestors who had blocked the road outside the KPC complained that the jobs of 2,000 out of the 4,700 reinstated workers had been given to private companies. KESC People’s Workers Union’s Secretary-General, Lateef Mughal claimed that the company was leaving no stone unturned to harass those employees who had rejected the Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) program of the company.
Mughal alleged that the employees are still being forced to accept KESC’s golden handshake through various tactics, but the workers were not willing to accept this scheme and were once again preparing to protest against the Abraaj Capital-led management. He further charged that hundreds of show-cause notices had been issued to the employees for their involvement in violent protests outside the company’s head office.
It is worth remembering that the KESC management, in an attempt to tighten its purses, had laid off 4,300 employees on January 19 after first offering them a golden handshake. After reinstating them on government pressure, a “Compulsory Retirement Scheme” (CRS) – an amended form of the Voluntary Separation Scheme – was offered to the lower staff, allegedly in a bid to oust them.

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  1. mosin said:

    kesc ko koi huq nain ponchta k o purane mazdoron ko nikal kr nay mazdor rakey q k ye nay mazdoor b eik din purane o jaen ge agr kesc in logon ko koi smart amount de kr farig kre to shayed ye log chle jain

  2. Anonymous said:

    KESC had offered each employee a golden handshake of 7 lakhs as compensation, with added benefits such as Provident Fund and Gratuity, some workers were getting an amount of 20 lakhs and above..please get your facts straight before criticizing.

  3. uzma azfar said:

    may be you both of right ….but mazdoor kaha jaen ajj kal paray likoo koo job naee mil rahee yah too bay charay gareeb un par hay …
    Good Bless her …Allah sub koo apnay hiffzoo Aman may rakhay ..Ameen.

  4. M.M Kaka Khel said:

    The New KESC made our city dark … now Karachi is city of darkness instead of city of lights … they dont have right to shut down 4 to 5 times for 2 hours … why dont they show agreement??? why dont they increase power plants even they have promised… our Govt. is not giving attention to them they are sending us bills on average… I have felt that we are going to be a dead nation … and I dont like all these politician who are talking about resolution its fake … I think want resolution in price hiking , making their bank balances and doing illegal actions … thats why nobody is ready to take action on KESC Management … bcoz they have got brief case of Rupees from them… but INSHA ALLAH … zulm mit kr rahay ga aur zalim ka anjaam hum sub dekhen ge … I love my Pakistan …

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