British Asians oppose closure of BBC’s Asian Network


LONDON – Britain’s Asian community has opposed the BBC move to shut down its Asian Network Radio Station. BBC Asian Network , a national radio station which broadcasts news, discussion and music programs 24 hours a day in various languages of Indian-subcontinent.
Similarly it covers news, music and event from south Asian countries. With more than six million listeners across the UK, Asian Network is one of the most popular radio stations in the country. BBC Director General Mark Thomspon announced last year the closure of Asian Network and few other local stations by the end of this year to save £600 million.
The move has been widely criticized by the leading figures of Britain’s Asian community, who believe that with the closure of Asian network, the interest of community in public sector broadcasting organization will be obliterated. Aamir Jehanzeb, a Nottingham based social worker told Pakistan Today that Radio Asian Network is the main source of information and entertainment for British Asians.
He also said that the closure of the station will deprive hundreds of its staff from their jobs. Aamir warned that with no source of entertainment and out of work, Asian youth can be lured towards extremism. Naveed Zakir from FBT, Birmingham said that the move neglects the diversity claim of BBC which is being funded by the tax payers’ money.
He called upon the BBC bosses to change their mind about the closure of the Asian Network.