Angling at Royal Palm


LAHORE – Over 450 fishing enthusiasts and skilled anglers gathered at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club lakes which house ample numbers of fish, for the Annual Fishing Competition.
As Omer Mir, General Manager Royal Palm stated, fishing offers you charm of the outdoors and takes you close to beautiful surroundings. For the skilled anglers it was a great occasion to share with friends and the family. The excitement of this activity provides the application of the state-of-the-art fishing tackles and related techniques of catching the four and five pounders with flourish.
Naseer Akhter, who had the biggest catch of the day, was astounded by the quantity of good fish at the Royal Palm lakes and said that Pakistan was a country with huge variety of fish species and can be compared to Australia and New Zealand. In fact, he said Pakistan has beaten Australia’s record of Talang Queen fish to become record holding country for this species.
The competition itself provided some grand moments and another big catch angler, Mateen stated that fishing gives families a break from their hectic schedules and time to reconnect with one another. Another angler Abdullah Sharif stated the view that nothing can match the memories that families make at such get together.