US won’t stop aid over Davis issue: Gilani


KARACHI – The US will not stop aid to Pakistan because of the Raymond Davis issue, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said on Saturday. Talking to reporters after attending a Pakistan Navy exercise, the prime minister said there would be no clash between the institutions in the country.
“Pakistan is passing through hard times and is sacrificing a lot for international peace. Terrorism is an international challenge and we need to face it jointly,” he said. Earlier addressing the gathering, Gilani said Pakistan had paid a very heavy price in the war against terrorism for global peace.
“The people of Pakistan are a peace-loving nation and resolved to eradicate this menace in all of its forms and manifestations”. “Terrorism and extremism are global challenges. Therefore, it demands a collective and coordinated response among all stakeholders because no single country can eliminate the menace single-handedly,” the prime minister said. He said all peace-loving nations must join hands and cooperate in all fields to overcome the biggest challenge of the century.
Gilani said navies of the region had a role to play in bringing harmony, peace and prosperity among the littorals in collaboration with seafaring nations. “Peace and prosperity is our shared goal. We, as a nation, are fully committed to doing all that needs be done to create a peaceful global environment where we and our coming generations may live with peace and harmony.”
“While the onset of globalisation has yielded infinite opportunities and benefits for us, it has also thrown up diverse challenges, which are equally menacing and transnational. Unfortunately, the seas by virtue of their vastness and interconnectivity also help transport crimes across the globe through non-state actors which must be denied to them. This is where seafaring nations need to collaborate and assist in protecting each others interests in a cooperative manner.
The world is facing the menacing challenge of terrorism as the non-state actors want to impose their myopic agenda on the peaceful societies. These extremists are quite aware that they can not win the support of the common people. Hence, they resort to violence to coerce the peaceful people into submission,” the prime minister said.
Gilani congratulated Pakistan Navy for conducting such a professional and successful multinational exercise.