Raisani among wealthiest MPs


ISLAMABAD – Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani, who governs the poorest province of the country, has assets worth millions of rupees in immovable property in six districts, including agricultural land, plots, houses and godowns, painting a clear divide between the rich and the poor.
Per the asset declarations for year 2010 submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Maulvi Abdul Samad, a member of the Balochistan Assembly, is the poorest member of the assembly with assets of only Rs 0.37 million. According to details, the chief minister has assets in his name and his wife worth over Rs 180 million.
The movable assets included a Toyota Land Cruiser and Hummer H2 jeep, jewelry worth Rs 0.5 million and cash deposited in banks amounting to Rs 5.28 million. On the other hand, Maulvi Abdul Samad has immovable assets worth Rs 50,000 and movable assets worth Rs 387,965 which included a vehicle, cash and furniture.
Samad shares a house with his six brothers, he claimed. Muhammad Aslam Bootani, BA speaker, has total assets of over Rs 35 million, which include a house, agricultural land and plots in the category of immoveable property worth over Rs 24 million, and vehicle and cash valued at over Rs 10 million.
Sardar Sanaullah Khan Zehri has immoveable assets of Rs 57 million and over Rs 3 million in moveable assets, while his brother, has a house worth Rs 20.5 million in immovable assets and over Rs 45 million in cash. Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind, opposition leader in the Balochistan Assembly, is the only member of the provincial assembly who declared that he had assets outside Pakistan as well.
Per details, Rind and his family own assets of over Rs 800 million inside the country and assets of over 5.6 million Dirhams outside Pakistan.