NESPAK seeks help on resettlement policy


KARACHI – National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK) has sought the opinion of the Sindh Government on the formulation of a framework on the resolution of the inadequate compensation and rehabilitation of those displaced by floods as well as the resettlement policy of those who are displaced through the implementation of hydroelectric projects of Pakistan and other major efforts.
In a letter send by NESPAK Geotechnical and Geo environmental Engineering Division Vice President Dr Tahir M Havat to Sindh Chief Secretary on March 1, 2011, the company sought the provincial government’s consultation for evaluation of past and present resettlement plans in Pakistan in the context of international practices leading to the formulation of improved resettlement plan.
NESPAK is presently working on a study related to the formulation of recommendations for improvement in planning and implementation of resettlement plans. This is a World Bank funded project which has been awarded to NESPAK by Project Management and Policy Implementation Unit (PMPIU)/Water Sector Capacity Building and Advisory Services Project (WCAP), Ministry of Water and Power.
The items on which the consultation is sought from Sindh Government include gaps and shortcoming in the present national resettlement and land acquisition related guidelines, policies and laws, comments on resettlement planning process including socioeconomic surveys, impact identification, impact inventory and census survey, development of entitlement matrix, resettlement and rehabilitation strategy and planning, resettlement site development, costing and budgeting, public consultation, monitoring and evaluation.
In addition, comments on the existing institutional setup of government for planning and implementation of Resettlement Plans; and resettlement implementation covering role of resettlement organisations, compensation process, livelihood development, resettlement planning, public consultation, participation and disclosure of RAP, completion of the resettlement rehabilitation process and review of the program for monitoring and evaluation are also included in the items.
It was indicated that the project is a major step leading to improved national policy formulation on resettlement issues of the country. A multidisciplinary team of experts has been formed to undertake the required studies. The main objective of the study is to compile a summary of lessons learnt and to develop a framework for the solution of issues of inadequate compensation and rehabilitation of those displaced after review of resettlement policy of large power projects of Pakistan and other significant efforts.