KP has two richest male, two poorest female MPAs


ISLAMABAD – To many’s shock, the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly has two of the richest male and two of the poorest female legislators and a chief who has all his wealth under his wife’s name.
A through study of the details of assets declared by KP to the Election Commission of Pakistan for the year 2010 reveals that Shazia Aurangzeb Khan, elected on a reserved seat, has no property, no vehicle, no jewelry, and even no cash in her only bank account no 75202-0. MPA Zarqa also has no property, no vehicle with 25 tolas of gold and Rs 1,23,000 in her bank account.
The rich MPAs include Moulvi Obaidullah Khan at the top of the list with total assets Rs 3.6 billion, of which he has properties worth Rs 2.47 billion and vehicles worth Rs 5900,000. Anwer Saifullah Khan and his spouse are the second in line with assets’ worth Rs 2.66 billion.
The couple owns properties worth Rs 216,461,347 with their immoveable property costing Rs 64,461,347 and moveable property costing Rs 339,015. The most surprising detail of assets have been declared by KP Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti who has everything under his spouse’s name. The details reveal that Hoti has agricultural land in his wife’s name worth Rs 10,490,000 while investment in stocks, also in his wife’s name, worth Rs 314,829.
Interestingly, Hoti himself has no vehicle — thus suggesting that he uses official vehicles for himself and his family’s movement. He also has 60 tolas of gold in his wife’s name. The only thing he owns is cash in hand of Rs 1,500,000. Leader of the Opposition and former chief minister Akram Khan Durrani owns property worth Rs 23.2 million in his name besides two vehicles worth Rs 1,400,000.
He also owns 20 tolas of gold with an estimated cost of Rs 400,000. Durrani has Rs 558,869 cash in hand and prize bonds worth Rs 700,000. Mufti Syed Janan has no property or vehicles with only Rs 200,000 in bank. Sardar Ali has assets worth Rs 500,000 and cash in bank of Rs 61,000. Hafiz Akhtar Ali has land worth Rs 1,500,000, Rs 90,000 in cash and Rs 5,500 in bank account.
However, he also has liabilities worth Rs 327,600. Syed Zahir Ali Shah has total assets worth Rs 48,666,454 with an increase of Rs 605,540 in the last one year. Senior Minister Bashir Ahmed Bilour’s net assets are Rs 63,671,521, of which moveable assets of Rs 61,671,521 and immoveable assets worth Rs 2,000,000.
His spouse, Nighat Bashir Bilour, also own assets worth Rs 49,748,688. Sher Afgan Khan has assets worth Rs 289,615,439.