Foreign Office to submit Davis case reply in court


ISLAMABAD – Foreign Office is preparing its reply to be submitted to the court in the case of American Raymond Davis involved in the killing of two Pakistanis in Lahore.
The Foreign Office official while briefing a group of journalists here on Saturday said the issue of immunity to Davis was very complicated and complex matter that required comprehensive consultations. He added it was very complex issue especially the matter of immunity as claimed by Davis, therefore, it was being tackled with care and responsibility.
He said the case of Davis, especially the immunity issue, had become very complex due to international laws, American laws and Pakistan’s domestic laws and the Foreign Office had been discussing it with experts. He further said there was a need to know various aspects and complications of the case and implementation of international and Pakistan’s laws in this regard.
Giving details about the status of immunity to the foreigners in Pakistan, he said there was a comprehensive Blue Book on protocol with the Foreign Office that explained various aspects in this regard. He added the Diplomatic Card issued by the Foreign Office is the certification to the diplomats for their diplomatic status and immunity.
He further said that four cases relating to Raymond Davis were in the Lahore High Court while one was at the session court and the Foreign Office had been preparing its reply in accordance with the questions raised in the courts.