Family hurt as US diplomat’s car rams into bike


ISLAMABAD – An American diplomat on Saturday in a road accident hit and injured a couple and their child in the federal capital. According to police, the speeding vehicle of the US embassy (MK 743), driven by a diplomat Charlis Carlos, hit a motorbike (GN-102) at the Jinnah Avenue.
Resultantly, Muhammad Maqbool, his wife and their four-year-old child received minor injuries and were rushed to the nearby Poly Clinic Hospital. The officials of the Kohsar Police Station rushed to spot and took the driver into their custody for a while.
However, later on they allowed him to go as he presented his diplomatic card and other documents for proving his identity. Source in the Poly Clinic said matter had been settled amicably between the victim family and the US embassy. Police said Maqbool and his family refused to lodge an FIR of the incident as they were not seriously injured.


  1. Many people are against diplomatic immunity. They say why ordinary people are punished when committing a crime and diplomats are not punished. Are they better than we are? Every time when some diplomat commits a crime or violates the law, the public debate over diplomatic immunity arises.If a person with immunity commits a crime in some host country, this country advises his/her government of the committed crime and may request a waiver of the alleged offender's immunity so that person could be judged by court of the host country. But if the immunity is not waived, the host country may order the withdrawal of the offender from the country. If the member of diplomat's family have committed a crime, then entire family may be expelled.The most common abuse of local laws by diplomats are parking violations and driving under the influence of alcohol. If the crime is committed, the sender country should waive the diplomatic immunity from the person who committed that crime and he or she should be sent under the court of host country where the crime was committed. But unfortunately seems that some countries have lack of morality. For example United States of America. When crime is committed there, always public debate arises over diplomatic immunity. But their own diplomats along EUROPEAN diplomats even their personal staff are violating other countries laws as well. If all countries would waive the diplomatic immunity from the criminals the situations would be different.You cant break the american laws inside america even if you are diplomat you have no immunity impunity but extreme discrimination in other cases there should be no diplomatic immunity for any country diplomats in Pakistan and they should be punished more severe rigorously rather then the citizens of host country because these foreign diplomats in long Mercedes- BMW -land cruisers every where specially in capital city of Pakistan even with fake number plates playing games making fun of Pakistani citizens as they feel no fear due to superiority complex of diplomatic immunity impunity as they knew no law enforcing agency can even touch them come near to them extreme shameful for Pakistani top leaders and establishment and parliament who make laws these public wealth looters precious tax wasters transferring their money to foreign accounts because they themselves enjoy in their castles with full security protocol while leave their innocent citizens to be harassed abused and even killed by these foreign out of control un controlled animals with superiority complex this fashion must be controlled else they will freely commit crimes and will produce more raymond davis type people who killed 4people and escaped safely.

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