CDA turns blind eye to illegal mosques


ISLAMABAD – Due to the negligence of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), construction of illegal mosques continues in the city with over 40 mosques so far been illegally constructed in the various parts of the city while 82 other mosques have encroached upon CDA’s land.
As many as 21 mosques in G series have been constructed illegally while 55 mosques have encroached upon CDA’ land. In F series, 10 mosques have been illegally constructed while 13 other mosques have encroached upon the additional area owned by the authority and in I series eight mosques were illegally constructed and 14 others encroached upon CDA land. Masjid Usman-e-Ghani in G-6/2 (parking area measuring 80’x230′), Masjid Al Falah in G-7/3 (Madrassa Samiyya measuring 100’x200′) and Jamia Masjid Abdullah Bin Masood in G-9 Markaz (residence of Imam Masjid measuring 86’x85) have encroached upon CDA’s land.
Similialry, Masjid Zubair in I-8/1 (1566 sq yards), Masjid Ali Al Murtaza in I-9/1 (1,258 sq yards) and Masjid Khalid Bin Waleed in I-8/3 (1335 sq yards) are built on CDA’s land without any permission, he said. He said if the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) and the CDA failed to control the situation, it would deteriorate.
The survey conducted by the CDA’s planning wing has been sent to the ICT administration but they have taken no action in this regard, he said.


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