High food prices linked to global warming


OSLO – Leaps in food prices linked to drought in Brazil or floods in Australia may be a foretaste of ever greater shocks to be caused by climate change, according to a commission named on Friday to find ways to fix the problems. The international group of 13 experts will try to come up with ideas in the next 10 months to help agriculture cope with global warming, blamed by the U.N. panel of climate experts mainly on mankind’s emissions of greenhouse gases.
John Beddington, Britain’s chief scientific adviser who will chair the commission, said it would advise governments on issues such as U.N. climate negotiations and in preparing an Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in mid-2012. “Extreme weather like the droughts in Russia, China and Brazil and the flooding in Pakistan and Australia have contributed to a level of food price volatility we haven’t seen since the oil crisis of 40 years ago,” he said in a statement.


  1. I am really fed up with all the assertions and false claims made by John Beddington, Britain’s chief scientific adviser (Retired) and others. Yes food prices have risen, but as a result of food being made into the biofuels (nearly half of all grain production in the USA for instance, went for methanol & biodiesel production) See some video analysis of such claims, and their refutations, at the website linked to my name – Alex

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