Health is wealth


Pakistan is one of the most populous countries in the world and most of these people live in rural areas. Unfortunately, only 1.5% of entire budget is allocated to health and sanitation which is insufficient and the sanitary condition are deplorable and the stagnant water is being absorbed almost 150 feet into the soil, mixing up with clean water which is spreading many severe diseases.

Additionally, the number of doctors in the country is not enough to tackle the problems of health. The infrastructure is undeveloped.

The basic health units in rural areas are not equipped enough to better the falling health of rural populace. If there are well equipped hospitals, the availability of doctors is not ensured.

Quacks are performing in every corner of the country without any fear of accountability, consequently killing many people. Less attention is given to sterilising the tools and transfer of blood without disease. Because of religious and cultural barriers, less attention is given to female health.

Apart from the medical sector, the industrial sector is also adding fuel to the fire. They dont have any proper way of disposing off the waste material of their industrial units. They are increasing pollution without giving a single thought to health hazards. No measures have been taken to eradicate the problems of pollution or to deal with such industries.

The agriculture sector is also indulging in the same practices unaware of the gloomy side of fertilisers and pesticides, which are being used by uneducated and unaware farmers. This causes an alarming situation of skin problems in rural areas together with disturbing the eco-system.

Focusing on the golden rule of Health is wealth, the Government of Pakistan should take appropriate measures for the betterment of health facilities in Pakistan. There should be strong policies with accurate implementation. The awareness programmes should be managed to let people know about the problems and their solutions. There should be a strong determination for cleaning the surroundings of the rural as well as urban populace.

A healthy society can fight against the evils of society and health is one of the basic rights of the people. The government should make a concerted effort towards that end.