NY court sentences Pakistani to life for killing wife


NEW YORK – A Pakistan-born executive of an Islamic television station, who was convicted of beheading his wife, was given life imprisonment of 25 years on Wednesday.
Muzzammil Hassan was sentenced in upstate New York by Erie County Judge Thomas Franczyk following a jury verdict of second degree murder handed down on February 7, The Buffalo News reported on Thursday.
Hassan was co-founder of Bridges TV, established to promote Islamic values, with his wife, Aasiya. Hassan, 46, was convicted of luring his wife to the couple’s Buffalo-area television studio on February 12, 2009, and assaulting her with two hunting knives, stabbing her more than 40 times before finally cutting her head off. The police, child protection agencies and medical professionals were said to be aware of the family’s domestic troubles and abuse suffered by the late Aasiya, although she had refused to press charges against her husband.