Anti-missile shield


It has been visualised by scientists that with the development of weapons of mass destruction carried by ballistic missiles, there would be a need for effective anti-missile shields to be developed which would be controlled by orbiting satellites. We have seen that both Israel and India are cooperating in developing anti-missile systems. We in Pakistan are deploying our missile experts like Dr Samarmand Mubarak to gassify coal for energy production. Such scientists would be better utilised for developing anti-missile technology, otherwise a time would come when our nuclear weapons that are acting as deterrents against India would lose their relative effectiveness.

Scientific development is moving at a fast pace and Pakistan should not be caught napping in the world in the race of extending the frontiers of defence science. Our claimed nuclear edge over India could be eroded if India develops effective anti-missile shield system with the help of Israel. Our policy planners who are at present preoccupied with fixing price of sugar and adjusting load shedding of power and gas ought to also worry about defence science development in the world and especially in our neighbourhood.