Hillary Clinton gives royal wedding advice


LONDON – Don’t get stressed and enjoy your big day is US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s advice to Prince William, fiancee Kate Middleton and their families ahead of the royal wedding next month.
Clinton, whose daughter Chelsea got married last year in a ceremony dubbed “America’s royal wedding”, said organising an event which also attracts global interest could be taxing. “I can only tell you that the wedding itself was wonderful but the preparations, and I’m sure that they’re feeling some of the same, can be stressful,” she told Sky News in an interview. “You want it to be the most perfect day in your daughter’s life and you just do everything you can to make it so. “My advice is just enjoy it, enjoy it because it’s (the) most extraordinary experience to see your daughter marrying someone who loves her, who wants to take care of her and you just want to be part of their happiness.”
Asked if she would be watching William and Kate tie the knot the April 29 ceremony in London on TV, she said: “Of course, of course, I love weddings”.