Avril Lavigne more ‘raw’ on new album


Canadian singer Avril Lavigne says her fourth album “Goodbye Lullaby,” released in the United States on Tuesday, shows a different side to the petulant pop-punkster image she has perfected in the past. “It is a more emotional, more raw record,” Lavigne told in a recent interview in London.
At 26, and recently divorced, the star who burst on to the scene as a teenager with “Let Go” aims to win over a new audience with the fresh approach while still holding on to her core fanbase. “I think, if anything, this record … may be able to gain more of a mature audience along with it, and I hope to keep the same kind of core younger group,” Lavigne explained. “It’s different this record for me, but it’s very me. It’s my personality, it’s my style. It’s not like I went and did something totally different or anything like that. It just showcases a different side to me and more of that.”
Whether the album succeeds will soon become clear when the pop charts are published in the United States, Britain and other key markets where Lavigne’s fanbase is strong. But some critics are concerned that the artist whose total album sales are estimated at 30 million may have fallen between two worlds.