PUASA-backed teachers disturbing peace in Punjab University?


LAHORE – The University of Punjab’s Institute of Chemistry teachers and students have demanded Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Mujahid Kamran use his authority to stop the Punjab University Academic Staff Association’s (PUASA) smear campaign against newly-appointed institute Director Professor Dr Makshoof Ather. Sources said that some leftist teachers were trying to have Dr Zaid Mahmood appointed as the Institute of Chemistry director.
Teachers and students from various PU institutions passed a resolution on Saturday, demanding the PU VC rein in PUASA. PU teachers also said that the VC was not taking action against alleged corruption by pro Jamaat-e-Islam teachers and demanded the Punjab chief minister meddle into the PU affairs to purge the institution of corruption. On the other hand, Dr Kamran has asked the Life Sciences dean to hold an inquiry into an incident involving a PUASA-backed teacher who stopped his colleague from delivering lectures.
Dr Hamid Latif Siddiqui entered the classroom of his colleague Dr. Ejaz Ahamd and shouted at him, asking him to “get out” in presence of some 70 students. All those students have made an application to the VC, asking him to take notice of the incident. They maintain that Dr. Ijaz has been teaching them since the start of the session and that they look up to him for his knowledge.
Outraged at the incident, senior teachers have demanded the VC take action against Dr Siddiqui. According to a PU teacher some PU teachers wanted to have Dr Zaid Mahmood appointed as the Institute of Chemistry director. It is important to mention here that the PU VC on Feb 24 appointed Dr Makshoof as the institute director. The vacancy had fallen vacant after the retirement of Dr Saeed Ahmad Nagra. Sources that that although Dr Zaid was the most senior teacher and Dr Makshoof stood second in seniority, the rules allow the VC to appoint a director from among three senior most teachers.
Sources said PUASA had affiliations to Tanzeem-e-Astaza a sub group of Jamaat-i-Islami, and the Academic Forum comprises leftist and those teachers who are opposed to the VC’s policies. Sources said that the VC was serious about taking action against Dr Siddiqui who had disturbed the varsity peace. Sources said Dr Shahid would soon forward his report to VC regarding taking action against Dr Siddiqui.
Another PU senior professor said the VC had turned a blind eye to such incidents. He said that the VC was facing criticism from teachers for not taking action against Dr Ahsan Akhtar Naz who is allegedly involved in corruption and an inquiry report has suggested he be terminated and booked for taking bribes. He said that last week a PU Geography department teacher threatened to commit suicide to protest against the high-handedness of Department Chairman Dr Abdul Ghaffar.