Is Atif Aslam jealous of Ali Zafar?


We have heard from sources close to the situation that recently for a show, Ali Zafar and Atif were approached to do a live collaboration on stage for the first time which had Zafar excited but Aslam flatly refused. Seems like Zafar’s reigning success in Bollywood and applaud for his new album Jhom has made Aslam insecure. Perhaps the recent public ratings which made brands such as Pepsi chose Zafar on the basis of popularity to do the world cup song adds onto Aslam feeling left out, where Zafar’s songs are to be seen doing constant rounds on radio and TV. Or maybe it’s the fact that that Zafar’s Tere bin Laden became a historic endeavor putting him on the fore front of international Bollywood scene whereas the inside news is that Aslam only enjoys a supporting role in his upcoming Pakistani flick “Bol”.
What could be the other reason why he refused to go live with Zafar considering they apparently are good friends. Any guesses? When we digged deeper, an inside source revealed that the stage lacked an auto tuner which is why Aslam was reluctant to sing in the presence of Zafar. Apparently both singers are good friends despite being rivals but seriously Atif, what’s cooking?


    • Tch. Ali makes sure to support and praise the Pakistani industry, and he always supports Atif no matter what. You can see countless articles… he invited Atif for a jam session, favors his Coke Studio performances and supported his film premiere despite having differences with Shoaib Mansoor.
      Atif however, is another story, as this is not even the first time he refused collaboration with Ali. Sad case… I guess he's insecure because his live singing is not on par with Ali's.

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