CIA behind Shahbaz Bhatti’s killing: JI


Faisalabad – Divisional Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Engineer Azeem Randhawa has held American intelligence agency, CIA, responsible for the assassination of Federal Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti. He was killed by the CIA to divert the global attention from the case of Raymond Davis, the US spy who killed two Pakistanis in Lahore, he said. Engineer Azeem Randhawa was determined that it was necessary to free Pakistan from the US grip and restore the national dignity, he said and added the nation must give up the absolute submission to the US. He said: “We have to get rid of the US dictations and take independent decisions in the best national interests.
Referring to the case of Raymond Davis, he said: “This is a play staged by the US to take control of our nuclear assets.” He added Americans were busy hatching conspiracies against Pakistan, but the rulers of Pakistan had no vision to understand their game plan. Commenting on the contribution of PPP and PML-N in the national politics, Engineer Azeem Randhawa said they had given the masses nothing except poverty and the American slavery in the last 23 years. On the occasion, JI General Secretary Ghulam Abbas condemned the brutal murder of Shahbaz Bhatti and criticised the government’s stance to safeguard the national interest under the prevailing circumstances.
Passenger drugged, looted by fraudsters: A gang of fraudsters offered a cup of tea mixed with stupefying substance to a passenger and looted him as he became unconscious. According to details, 25-year-old Muhammad Imran son of Nazeer Ahmed fainted after taking intoxicated tea at General Bust Stand Sargodha Road. He was taken to the DHQ hospital for treatment. The victim, later, told the police that two men offered him a cup of tea; after taking the tea, he fainted.
He said the fraudsters had taken away his wallet containing Rs 10,000 and a mobile phone.
It is pertinent to note such incidents are frequently occurring at the bus stand and the railway station while many people have lost their lives due to overdose of drugs. Police have warned passengers not to eat any thing offered by strangers.
Last month the police arrested a man from the railway station who made the startling revelations. The accused confessed that he used to offer an orange injected with drugs to trap his target.
TWO INJURED: At least seven people shot at two men and injured them at Chak No 260-RB.
According to details, Liaqat Ali, a resident of Chak No 260 RB whose turbine was stolen called a khoji (footprints expert) Abdul Ghaffar to have a clue to the thieves. The footprints of the thieves led the turbine owner and the khoji to a neighbouring dera, raising suspicions about the owners of the dera in their involvement in the case. When they asked the dera owner, Ashfaq about the incident, he got furious, called his six accomplices and opened fire at Liaquat Ali and AbduL Ghaffar and seriously injured them. The police have registered a case of theft and attempt to murder against the accused and are conducting raids to arrest them.