Amir Mazhar of Savvy PR defends himself


In a press conference held in order to clarify his position, Amir Mazhar said that he had been defamed, and has had to face several financial losses because of certain allegations being pinned onto him. He said that this was done by Asim Yar Tiwana along with his friends, and a TV host Ayesha Sana.
Mazhar said that these allegations started when he went to Dubai to set-up his company, Savvy PR. In his absence, AYT, who has a segment in a morning show hosted by Ayesha Sana, said on air that Mazhar had several FIRs lodged against him and as a result of criminal proceedings, would never return to Pakistan. He said that false, malicious and baseless allegations such as these have harmed his business and he has lost many clients. Meanwhile, he says, he has sent a legal notice to AYT who is bound to answer within ten days.
“No source has been quoted for these allegations,” said Mazhar.
Mazhar also said that he has been threatened of holding this press conference. “I have already sent a legal notice to AYT and if he does not respond, another will also be sent to Ayesha Sana for her PTV show,” Mazhar said. “I think it may be because his own brother Qasim Yar Tiwana (QYT) is being threatened by my business as he himself is a PR and Event manager,” he remarked. Mazhar said that he had incurred a loss of Rs50m along with a dent to his reputation because of this.


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