Wastewater treatment plant for Pak Navy’s golf club inaugurated


KARACHI – Navy officials inaugurated a wastewater treatment plant at the Western Wind Golf Club at PNAD Mauripur on Wednesday. The plant has been designed and developed by the National Water Engineering. The project would provide 50,000 gallons per day reusable water for irrigation purpose, saving over millions of rupees to maintain the green lustre of the golf course. The treated water is 99.99 percent bacteria- and virus-free and safe for irrigation. The inauguration ceremony was attended by high level navy officials, well known industrialists, journalists and senior bureaucrats from different government departments.
“We believe that the wastewater treatment plant is a huge national strategic asset as water has become really scarce, and if the need arises due to any kind of urgency, this treated water can be further recycled to make it fit for consumption at a small cost. National Water Engineering CEO Jamaal Hassan lauded the Pakistan Navy for making the effort to develop the treatment plant, which meets all NEQS requirements.
“The treatment plant should set as an example for various industrialists, park authorities, housing scheme authorities, developers and golf club owners and make them realise that water is a valuable resource.
Currently, several golf clubs, park and housing authorities are using sewage water to maintain greenery but not realising the fact that if sewage is not treated, it poses a great health risk and brings various diseases which is harmful to our future generation, said Hassan, adding, “Utmost care should be taken in using sewage for greenery purpose as our future generations are at stake. There is no doubt that Pakistan Navy has set an example that will bring a huge change in our society and others will follow suit.”