UHS board approves students’ theses


LAHORE – The 52nd meeting of Advanced Studies and Research Board of the University of Health Sciences (UHS) was held on Thursday with Vice Chancellor Prof Malik H Mubbashar in the chair. The board approved the theses’ reports of students of MPhil Haematology, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Physiology.
The following synopses were considered for registration of students in various postgraduate courses: “Protective effect of Phoenix dactylifera ‘Date Palm’ pit powder on nicotine induced spermatotoxicity in adult albino mice” by Dr Kanwal Ashal Pal for MPhil (Anatomy), “Reference ranges of trace elements (Fe, Zn & Cu) in adult population (20 – 29 years) of Lahore” by Dr Warda Hussain for MPhil (Chemical Pathology), “Types and sub types of VWD in local patients” by Dr Ammad Hassan Fida in MPhil (Haematology),
“JAK2 V617F mutation in recurrent fetal loss” by Dr Romana Irshad for MPhil (Haematology), “Levels of autoantibodies in healthy females and males” by Dr Sarah Ashraf for MPhil (Immunology), “Enumeration of natural killer cells in diabetes mellitus patients treated with insulin and with oral hypoglycemic agents” by Dr Rabia Tufail for MPhil (Immunology), “Determination of IL – 2, IL – 10 levels in full-term and pre-term umbilical cord blood” by Dr Zarghoona Jafar for MPhil (Immunology), “Effect of pioglitazone on lipid profile of non diabetic hyperlipidemic rats” by Dr Mazhar Hussain for MPhil (Pharmacology), “Effect of thymoquinone on calcium oxalate kidney stones in rats” by Dr Shabir Hussain for MPhil (Pharmacology),
“Serum adiponectin levels in normoweight and overweight/obese patients of polycystic ovarian syndrome” by Dr Farhat Aslam for MPhil (Physiology), “Bone health and nutritional status in 5 – 11 years old children with intellectual disability” by Dr Mohsin Ali Cheema for MPhil (Physiology), “Serum progesterone and estrogen levels in second hand tobacco smoke exposed women having first trimester spontaneous abortions” by Dr Attiqa Khalid for MPhil (Physiology),
“Diagnostic accuracy of C – Reactive protein levels in the detection of acute appendicitis” by Dr Baber Usman for MS (General Surgery), “Outcome of burrhole evacuation of chronic subdural hematomas based on Glasgow coma scale” by Dr Salman Yunas for MS (Neurosurgery), “Complete acromioclavicular joint dislocation: comparison of acromioclavicular joint K wire fixation with and without multistrand “Vicryl” band augmentation on coracoclavicular ligament” by Dr Sayed Farooq Jalal for MS (Orthopaedic Surgery).