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Petition filed for making US govt party in Davis’ case

Lahore – A petition was filed in the LHC on Tuesday to make US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron P Munter a party in the Raymond Davis immunity case, on behalf of the US government, and issue a restraining order against approaching the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in this regard. Azhar Siddique filed the petition, who has also filed an earlier petition, challenging diplomatic immunity of Davis under the Vienna Convention 1961 and 1963 terming it against the constitution, UN charter and security of nations.
The petitioner submitted that according to the constitution, the president and the federal government are not allowed to provide immunity to any foreign national if could risk the country’s interests. Siddique argued that according to media reports, the US has withdrawn from the Vienna Convention providing diplomatic immunity to diplomats and on March 7, 2005, then US secretary of state Condolezza Rice had informed then UN secretary general Kofi Anan in this regard.

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