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Gilani announces Rs 1.7b for Kurram Agency IDPs

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister (PM) Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani announced Rs 1.7 billion on Tuesday for the rehabilitation of around 32,000 internally displaced people (IDP) of Kurram Agency (KA) who had to leave their homes because of sectarian riots and militancy. He told members of a grand jirga from KA in a meeting at Prime Minister’s House that Rs 1 billion would be provided to the IDP from the current budget and Rs 700 million from the next.
He appreciated the efforts of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) parliamentarians and tribal elders to bring peace to KA. Gilani said that the sum allocated to the rehabilitation and welfare of the IDP must be spent in a transparent manner so that all those who had suffered in the last four years might benefit from the compensation.
He also announced special certificates of appreciation for all members of the grand jirga for their contribution to restoring peace in the agency. He said tribal elders and the people of KA had set an example for other agencies in FATA and proven that dialogue and discussion could resolve any issue and peace could be restored. He called upon tribal elders to identify militants and foreign elements in their areas so they could be apprehended. Such elements, he added, were tarnishing the image of Islam and the country.
The Khyber Pakhtunkwa governor told the meeting that he had seen complete commitment from the government to the welfare of the people of the province and FATA. The process of interaction and dialogue, he said, should continue as it helped create understanding.
The success of dialogue in KA, he added, should encourage elders and people of other agencies to follow suit and help bring prosperity and development to their areas. The meeting was also attended by Law Minister Babar Awan and Interior Minister Rehman Malik along with several National Assembly members and senators.

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  1. jabbar said:

    Untill & unless pakistani political parties, law-enforcement agencies ,pakistan army ,Medida & ISI remains friends of Al-Qaida & its allies, the situation will never become stable and Shia community will be disturb and under attacks.
    Stoppage of support of Al-qaida & Taliban is must in the interest of pakistan but who will guide pakistani army and media. May ALLAH crush taliban & their friends by DRONES or ABABEELS.

  2. Baqir said:

    I appreciate PM Gilani for being so kind to announce this financial aid for the people of Kurram agency. But it would be excellent if he could help in resolving the basic issue to restore the state authority rather than giving money.

  3. Abid Pathan said:

    thank,s to gilani sir but we have a lot of theft in our leadership that all mony will go to there billi not of our civillian of kuram agency

  4. Jamshid Ali said:

    Thanks PM on your financail aid announcement for Kurram in two installment.
    If you we will perfer to implement practically to open Thall Parachinar road for traffic with full security on supervision of Pak Army it will be great honors fro you to our people.

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