Match commissioner urges fair play


LAHORE – Match commissioner of the Pakistan-Palestine Lahore Test, Mian Rizwan Ali has asked the management of both teams to ensure discipline during the match at Punjab Stadium. “PFF President Faisal Saleh Hayat is a great advocate of fair play and sportsmanship. Fair play is essential to our sport and to everyone involved in it. I appeal to players, referees, fans and officials throughout Pakistan to help praise and promote the spirit of fair play,” said Rizwan during the manager’s meeting on Monday evening.
Palestine manager Mahmoud Alfasfous, Head of Delegation Mohammed Abu Srour and coach Bezaz Moussa were also present, alongwith Pakistan’s manager Gohar Zaman, coach Tariq Lutfi, and assistant coach Nasir Ismail. The manager’s meeting was held to discuss various technical matters such as team line-ups, jersey numbers, and colors/reserve colors used for the match. Rizwan also asked the concerned departments for installation of scoreboard, ground clock, and availability of medical facilities, ball boys, ambulance, stretchers and media gallery.