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Raymond Davis issue – JI, JUI-F differ on possible out-of-court settlement

ISLAMABAD – The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) have warned the government of dire consequences in case Raymond Davis was released without fulfilling legal requirements; however, the two parties differ on a possible out-of-court settlement.
The JI, which fears an ‘illegal’ out-of-court settlement, has changed its posture on the issue, demanding the government book the US national under the Anti-Terrorism Act in order to make the offence non-compoundable and keep the US national “entangled”.
The JI believes that an out-of-court settlement might be a result of pressure on the heirs of the deceased by “unseen elements” while the JUI-F has termed it the “heirs’ sweet will”.
However, both parties believe that in case the government releases the US national, who is facing double murder charges, without fulfilling the legal requirements, the masses would sweep away the rulers, just like in Egypt and Tunis.
JI Deputy Secretary General Dr Fareed Ahmad Paracha called for Davis’s trial under Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, as he had been associated with an “international terrorism network”. “The accused is not only a murderer… he is also involved in creating anarchy and an accused of the whole Pakistani nation,” he added.
He said Washington must be told that Davis was not only the killer of three Pakistanis, he was behind the killing of thousands of citizens in drone attacks and target killings. Paracha said Davis was not a diplomat, he was a murderer and there was no immunity for him under any convention.
He said the heirs of the deceased were being pressured to accept blood money, which was neither legal nor Islamic.
“The stance of the heirs is clear from the very first day…they are not ready to accept blood money, they want head of the murderer,” Paracha added. He demanded a thorough investigation into the incident, adding that the JI would continue its struggle for providing justice to the aggrieved families.
On the other hand, JUI-F Spokesman Maulana Amjad Khan said if the aggrieved families agreed to accept blood money, his party would have no objection to the understanding. “Neither the president nor the prime minister can interfere in the matter…Diyat is the only way out and my party would have no objection if the families of the deceased agree to the same,” he said.
However, he urged the government to fall in line with the aspirations of the people on the issue and stand by the aggrieved families.

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