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Aitzaz helps Gill win LHCBA poll

LAHORE – The bold, open and sustained support by PPP leader and former Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan helped the pro-judiciary Professional Group of Hamid Khan to win the Lahore High Court bar Association (LHCBA) election on Saturday. The situation changed in favour of Hamid’s presidential candidate Asghar Ali Gill when Aitzaz, flanked by the Professional Group members, entered into the bar premises and cast his vote.
The supporters chanted slogans in honour of Aitzaz to express their gratitude for supporting pro-judiciary candidates who were losing heart because of the federal government’s backing to the PPP candidates. The slogans included ‘Dekho Dekho Kon Aya Sher Aya Sher Aya’ (Just see who has come, it is the tiger, it is the tiger). Later, while talking to media, Aitzaz praised the bar for holding the election regularly in a democratic manner even during dictatorship in the country.

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