‘PEF is promoting education among less-privileged segments’


LAHORE – The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) is promoting education in marginalised segments of society through public-private partnership (PPP), the PEF spokesman said in a statement on Saturday. He said that the PEF is also working to educate one million partner school students in Punjab about hazards of environmental degradation and the possible role students could play in protecting their environment by mobilising other children and their families.
Students are an important social community, which could help improve environment through its vibrant role, the spokesman said. He said that various co-curricular activities were being promoted in partner schools so that students could understand the importance of a cleaner environment in context of global warming.
The PEF official said that various activities have been designed to foster students’ understanding through painting exhibitions, recycling of household material, indoor plantation and declamation contests. In this regard, a students’ walk was also organised in Rawalpindi to mark the importance of a cleaner environment, which was organised by PEF Subject Specialist Rehana Qaiser and attended by partner school students.
The PEF is working to promote quality education including encouraging and supporting efforts of the private sector in providing education to the poor, the spokesman concluded.