Possible ‘crimes against humanity’ in Libya: France | Pakistan Today

Possible ‘crimes against humanity’ in Libya: France

PARIS – Violence during anti-regime protests in Libya could constitute crimes against humanity which might need to be brought before international judges, the French foreign ministry said on Thursday. France also called for a UN-mandated mission of Inquiry to be sent to Libya to assess such eventual crimes.
A UN rights council resolution is being discussed “strongly condemning the massive and unacceptable violence currently carried out” in Libya, a ministry statement said, with hundreds dead in protests against Moamer Gaddafi’s regime. The resolution will “make the Libyan authorities face their responsibilities. The violence could constitute crimes against humanity,” the statement said.
“All possible actions must be examined, including getting international justice involved,” it added, in apparent reference to the International Criminal Court. ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said on Wednesday that “the decision to do justice in Libya should be taken by the Libyan people,” pointing out that Libya was not a signatory to the Rome Statute setting up the world court.

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