Co-education in Pakistan


Co-education is a modern concept. It was first introduced in Switzerland but later on it spread to other countries as well. In our country, it is popular only in vocational institutions.

There exist two schools of thought which differ sharply in their views about co-education. One group favours co-education. It includes the people who are educated in the western traditions. They say that we should adopt co-education in our schools and colleges because our country is poor and under-developed. We cannot open separate schools and colleges both for the boys and girls. This becomes obvious in the case of vocational and technical institutions. It is very difficult for the government to open separate vocational colleges and equip them with necessary scientific apparatus and library.

There is a great dearth of skilled teachers on technical subjects in our country. That is why it is desirable to educate the boys and girls in the same institution. There is another advantage of co-education.

The interaction between boys and girls at this age helps in their practical life later on. Co-education also produces a healthy competition. The boys become more civilized and polished in the presence of girls. The girls also stand to gain something in the presence of boys.

Co-education has its disadvantages. The boys and girls might waste their time in activities unrelated to their studies. The youth is characterised by irresponsibility and immaturity. This free contact can result in laxity of morals. Therefore, it is false economy to teach them in the same institution.

We should not introduce it at the university level, however, we can continue it at the primary stage.




  1. there are many mis-conceptionz about co-education.According to my point of view nobody can effect us or make us bad unless and untill hum khud apny aim ko bhool jaen ..

  2. its not only the matter of confidence,you can get confidence by reading a lot..i agree with this k jaisi hmari soch hogi the same will happen to us..but we should not forget our culture n traditions which do not allow us such education.,,we r backward because we are away from the teachings of islam..follow your religion then see the difference…i would openly say that the world is in the edge of distruction…your religion has all the answers of your questions..there should be difference between a Muslim n non-muslim,s identity.

  3. i like because it helps to remove the shyness of girls and it increase the confidence level

  4. Co-education provides the chance to fe-male to stand and work side by side with men.

  5. co education is very important to build nation because it increases young students confidence………..

  6. thinks alot about information and i think its inof for our presention if u sher mor its will be berter mor for us in our feture

  7. ita not so comprehensivee..and in my point ov view at one stage ov life we should take co education..surely it make us able to stand in the world n with the society ov men confidently..n if u r strong not such a thing can spoil you.. juist gain the education from where ever u get it it is also the saying of prophet(P.B.U.H)…just keep ur brain on straight path…

  8. amaila zahra said that we cannot open separate schools , if we not so we can have different classes in school or college level but I THINK its should be in university level.

  9. acc to Amalia,about co education we should not introduce at uni level.its only better for schools level,right
    but i think thats not right for teenagers they participate in more immoral activities inspite of uni students

  10. I can't like co-education for our pakhtoons brothers and sisters.It is introduced by the british government and i love my culture my relegion 100 time more than any non muslim of the world
    Yasir Nadaan

  11. i don't like co_ed because islam ye allow nhi karta ky aik larki kisi ghair mard sy baat bi kry. so i think co_ed is not good in Pakistan.

  12. WORLDS best schools in uk usa are NOT CO-EDUCATIONAL .. co-education should begin at colleges when girls boys are at least 18yrs old — girls education at high schools suffers because of boys personal attentions in teenage groups … but world is changing take co-education in schools forward carefuuly sensibly ..
    INDIA next door now has major problems in teenage pregnancies and illegal abortions due to new found girlboys tee tat driven by TV MUNNI DANCERS !!! -even in indian villages many girls get sexually abused by socalled boyfriends !!!

    • Adi well as you will say any time than you may can successful in your own but now days it was first intro duct in Swaziland than it spread to our countries but we should not go to co education how girls has been make due to co education ok

  13. i like co education because it increase it built our confidence and its lead to a better under standing between both sexes,
    so its very important to built a nation

  14. i think girls and boys should study in different institutes bcz we r muslims we shuld not voilate our islamic rules and regulations

  15. it is good , but i think you may write more about it , its too short ,but i appreciate your approuch…nice job….thnkx

  16. the mixing of boy and girl in co educati0nal environment eradicates the inherent shyness in each 0ther!!
    It pr0vides students a gr8 incentive to overcum their shyness, nd enhance their c0nfidence… 😉

  17. of course, the parents will thought that separate skools n colgs n uni for girls safety, buh jus think abt their next step after educati0n?? What abt dat buddy?? :-/

  18. nyce point ov view……banda ki izzat apne hath me hoti ha…..n uski tarbeat us k gar pe hoti ha….jn k apne tak hota ha un k liye tu thek ha,,,but now a days it's ampossible k ap sath me study kar sako.bcoz media r islam se doori ki wja se hmari youth k khialat change ho gae han….it has advantages as well as disadvantages…..

  19. if religion dont give permission that so religion has lots of more things and say you should far from these things why we are not removing that bad things in our world our country our city our in ourselves even in our heart why we are using tv,net,fb,theater,etc why we are using these all things?

  20. hi friend!
    According to my mind I agree with co-education because
    1. It builds confidence in a person and make him/her more complete person to live in a real world.
    2. it increases mutual understanding
    3. it makes the student ready for entering to a miniature society.
    4. It decreases hesitation between male and female.
    5. It improve communication skills.
    With help of co-education a person can more learn. and It has also disadvantages but it depends on us.

  21. will make Pakistan hub of immoral activities and centre od obcenity and lewdness Sabir Balouch khb

  22. مخلوط تعلیم مسلمانوں کو بے حیائِ کی طرف موڑنے کی طرف ایک سنجیدہ کاوش ہے جس پر یورپ بھاری رقم خرچ کررہاہے۔۔۔۔

  23. is better,one gets moral if he has the sense of relation b/w oposite sex…..if a person respects the people around him/her,it is not possible to voilate moral values….

    values….no one will stray…. infact it depends on wat kind of character one has……

  24. is better,one gets moral if he has the sense of relation b/w oposite sex…..if a person respects the people around him/her,it is not possible to voilate moral values…….no one will stray…. infact it depends on wat kind of character one has……

  25. I disagree with your conclusion that "We should not introduce it at the university level, however, we can continue it at the primary stage."
    University level is the maturity level of students so it does not matter.

  26. How can we say that co education is beneficial even our religion not give permission that any female can come before to the stranger person

  27. Co-education is right because confidence ata but aj kal k zamanay main co-education nahi hona chaheay aur islam is allow for it and. jehan eskay advantage hain wehan uskay disadvantage b hain but it depend on your think in co-education

  28. co education palys an important role in the confidence because it remove shyness and increase the confidence level it prove very good in election of a good patner of life through its boys and girls expressded thier feelings to each other and thus they choose a good friend through its the doubt of inteligence can be removed between both genders its thruogh the dicsipline of the class remains constant and pleasent it is the because of co education that girlsv today are in every profession and doing well

  29. I am extremely agree with this systems because I faced many problems in my preliminary education I competed my study in single sex school and after that when I start my university I faced problems and i realize that why the other students speak confidently, because they study in coeducation and they have good confidence. so you gain more confidence when you adopt coeducation

  30. well,but not enough information however, i am agree with your point of views.

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