Imam, Davis & drones


The video released on the internet is horrible. The way Col Imam was killed by Hakimullah Mehsuds assassin, after the TTP chief stage-managed recording of a video-taped message for Pakistans security forces and ISI, it carries a declaration of war, a direct threat and an open warning to the Government of Pakistan face the music.

The retired veteran Colonel Imam stood rock solid like a soldier before Hakimullah Mehsud, the gunmen and another TTP leader, whose face was not deliberately shown that speaks volumes of the hidden hands behind this and other horrific acts. He faced first two bullets with courage but fell down when the third bullet hit his head. He didnt beg for mercy from the brutal barbarian. He, according to media reports, had went there, along with the already slain Khalid Khawaja and a renowned journalist, for patch-up, to bridge differences and earn a negotiated settlement but the perpetrators made them hostage, killed Khwaja and now Col Imam.

His death and the drone attack after a pause have occurred at a time when all hopes of Davis release seemed exhausting. The message is clear. This has exposed the real face of Taliban and their leader. With this, we, the people of Pakistan, should wake up to the call of the time, get united, join hands together, shun differences, focus our energies to one cause of defending and saving every inch of Pakistan, to fight out the enemy and those working and conspiring against the security of the country. Col Imam was the soldier of Pakistan. He must be honoured.